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Nelly - Country Grammar - Dance Choreography by Delaney Glazer - #TMillyTV

Published on 20 May 2020 / In Dance Entertainment

Nelly - Country Grammar - Choreography by Delaney Glazer
Filmed by Tim Milgram @ the #TMillyTV Masterclass Series

Dancers: Delaney Glazer, Natalie Bebko, Lexee Smith, Bailey Sok, Cache Melvin, Matthew Smith, Alekz Samone, Sean Lew, Julian Deguzman, Gordon Watkins, Alec Roberts, Junna Yagi, Abby Mel, Deanna Jenkins, Jake Brandorff, Maycee Steele, Idaliz Cristian, Zealand Yancy

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Want more Delaney? Learn her choreography to Jealous from her step by step tutorial!

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