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Salsa Dancing Walk-Through - 36 Movements

Published on 16 Apr 2020 / In How-to Dance tutorials / Salsa

Follow these simple steps to learn basic elements of salsa dancing.

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Song: Compositor Confundido by Ibrahim Ferrer
Table of Contents:
Salsa Basic Two Handed Basic: 00:00
Closed Frame Salsa Basic 03:14
Salsa Rotating Basic 05:07
Salsa Apart Basic 07:02
Basic with Heel Kick 08:04
Curarachas 09:48
Ladies Underarm Turn 11:51
Adding Man's Sidestep 15:00
Turn With Right hand 16:31
Turn with Back Break 18:03
Cross Hand Turn 20:06
Club Style Exit 22:13
Two Arm Wrap 23:56
Cross Body Lead 24:46
Two Handed Hold 28:44
Adding Style 29:42
Haircombs 31:24
Sombrero 33:58
Cradle 36:00
Ladies Double Turn 41:45
Hammer Lock 43:58
Hammer Lock Cont 48:14
Hammer Lock Cont 50:36
Cross Handed Turn 53:23
Haircombs, Loops and Wraps 56:28
Right Turn to Loop 57:46
Man Loop 58:45
Turn and Loop into Lead 59:28
Hammer Lock Cont 1:00:58
Sombrero and Turn 1:03:12
Lead with Inside Turn 1:06:00
Ladies Lead Walkthru 1:07:05
Dip and Cross Body Lead 1:10:00

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