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Afrobeats-Inspired HIIT Workout #DanceFitness

Published on 01 May 2020 / In Do Dance Fitness With You

Welcome back to another Afrobeats [Inspired] HIIT workout. Here's how it's going down:
- There are 6 moves
- Perform each move for 30 secs giving me everything you've got
- Followed by 10 secs of active rest (marching/running in place, jumping jacks, etc.)

There are 3 rounds so go full out if you really want a good sweat. Also, peep the breakdown/modifications for moves so you can move at your own comfort level.
You can also play it twice if you want a more intense workout. 😉

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🌟 FREE 5-DAY DANCEFIT CHALLENGE - Join me for 5 days of fat-blasting 💥and body-shaping👙 workouts with music and moves that’ll get you excited about fitness! Sign up here: http://fitbodybyashley.com/5daychallenge/

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