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Feet of Flames Taiwan: Planet Ireland Press Performance

Published on 21 May 2021 / In Create a Dance Animation for You

A full-blown #FeetOfFlames tour usually has at least two weeks of group rehearsal before being seen by the public. In Taiwan 2020, Team Lord had barely more than two *days.*Compounding things further: those two days came after two weeks of quarantine in hotel rooms, which in turn came after nine *months* of inactivity. And this was a troupe that was more than fifty-percent new.There's a reason why we here at #LordOfTheDance call this The Impossible Tour.A major test came on the second day of rehearsals, when Team Lord was scheduled to perform for the Taiwanese press. There was no margin for error here; if anyone slipped up, it would be seen on camera, transmitted across all of Taiwan to potential ticket purchasers, and immortalized on the internet. #FeetOfFlames is the commercial flagship of #IrishDancing: it's the show Michael Flatley built to sell out stadiums. This could have easily been a disaster. But these were the greatest #IrishDance pros in the world, who'd trained literally their entire lives to able to do what they love, and now they had to carry the flag for the entire industry.As all great champions do, they rose to the moment.Led from the front by Team Lord Creative Director James Keegan, this is a video of the first full-throttle start-to-finish performance of Planet Ireland by the Lord of the Dance All-Star Troupe. With the cameras rolling and the press watching, they stepped into history -- and the Impossible Tour was born.#FollowYourDream

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