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Technology Summit 2019 Opening Performance

Published on 08 Mar 2020 / In Events and workshops

This event is the most significant Technology Summit of Turkey and has hosted important names from the fields of technology/arts/philosophy, etc. as both guests and speakers since 2010.
Technology Summit is an organization by the digital operator Turkcell and it continues to be an important platform where future theories, technological innovations, research and personal success stories are shared with approximately 10,000 people each year.
We have been tasked with preparing the stage design, opening performance and visual content of the event for the past three years. This year we focused on the event’s own story in all designs. Since the inherent story of Technology Summit was to be told, all speakers and performance needed to make one feel like a part of the stage.
Therefore, we set off with the idea of a spatial stage design. The desired depth was provided with the usage of a 3 tier podium and angled led screens. The stage design was implemented with a total of 480 square meters of LED. The main performance artist of the opening story is a single individual, so we placed a moving walkway mechanism on the 3rd tier of the podium. This made it possible to access the entire 24 meters of stage; allowing us to journey to the center of the story instead of focusing the performance on a single center.

The LED middle section, consisting of a one-piece area of 140 square meters, was opened to both sides at the end of part one, using a specially constructed system - revealing the area with paperscrim curtain for the second part of the performance. Following the interactive dance performance in this part, the stage was closed once more to allow for the 3rd part, where the brand’s services were the focal point - thus completing the opening performance.

You may view the second part of the performance in this video.

Performance, Direction, Animation, Design: BİŞEYLER New Media Works

Directors: B.Ece & Gökhan Okuyucu
Stage Design: Gökhan Okuyucu

Visual Team
Visual Creative Director: Tiber Ergür
Animation / Design: Fuat Değirmenci

Performance Team
Choreographer: Aslı Öztürk
Performer: Ezgi Yaren Karademir

Project Management Team
Project Director: Alican Yılmaz
Stage Manager: Bengi Başak Şahan

Music and Sound Design: Jacob Thomas Czech (Prozac Studio)

Documentation: Cansu Turan
Photography: Ömer Sedat Yenidoğan

Event Agency: Figür Turizm
Client: Turkcell

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