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Chris Brown - Hope You Do | Taiwan Williams |

Published on 21 May 2020 / In Dance Challenges

This Class.. Was right before I got sick.. I wasn't feeling well.. and I didn't feel like doing the solo at the end. But, I always dance no matter what for whoever is in the room to take class and be inspired by me! I really appreciate their presence and how they come to take from me! I've come a long way and i have taught a ton of classes! And to see the amount of people who are inspired by me daily! And I'm so thankful for these people that come to my classes day in and day out! DIFFERENT ppl! But this piece was requested to do by mia.. who u got to see in the video before this one! She's grown so much in dance and i appreciate her support she has given me from the day she met me! Everyone in this video went in and I hope u all Enjoy!

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