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Published on 28 May 2020 / In Create Dance Challenges

Our Spring 2019 season theme was "VICTORY" - having victory through Jesus’ death and resurrection on the cross. As a team, we all learned that we are victorious through Christ, no matter what any of us may have been going through in this season of our lives. Gathering together for rehearsals, we were always reminded that our trials and battles have already been won. We can lay it all down at the cross, where the greatest victory took place - victory over death, victory over sin, victory over guilt, victory over shame. We were able to perform this piece with the confidence that we are not dancing for victory but FROM a place of victory. 💥

Choreographers/Directors/Editors: Andy Chung, John Baik
Film: Andy Chung, John Baik, Eugene Han
Producer: Monica Moon
Dancers: Andy Chung, John Baik, Allison Lee, Tristan Padron, Nicole Ro, Jennifer Uyema, Sam Kim,
Chris Setthaboupha, Alex Her, Jeanie Yu, Nanedi Coons, Maristelle Manela, Micah Ortiz, Christian Lanon, Jasmin Jee, Bethia Delong
Special Thanks: Natalie Chen, Jacob Pan, Eddie Moon, Stella Moon, Cori Baik
Music: “Coming in Hot” by Lecrae & Andy Mineo

Behind The Scenes:

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